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Hey Chicago Movers and Shakers,

Love finding new awesome people in Chicago that are doing good like, REALSOAP.COM

Sometimes doing the thing that is right isn't easy, so we have to help out the people that are really trying! Here is a guy who is really putting himself out there to help people get real soap on their bodies. The best part is he made a Tom Collins soap with Letherbee gin hell yeah!

Hope you enjoy this post this!

Happy day Chicago :)


Gooseberry Salsa

Instagram @missleahmaria

I bought these gooseberries at Whole foods and my mouth puckered the whole time I ate them there is definitely some vitamin C in these. They are tart and tangy, sweet and delicious, I was already planning on making a mango salsa so why not add some more nutritional value! 

Here is the recipe: 

5 mangos 
 the smaller ones are best when they are super ripe

one jalapeño 
chopped up with seeds ( if you like it spicy) 

1/2 container of grape tomatoes 
chopped up 

10 gooseberries
chopped up

2 cloves of garlic 

In a blend:
6 sweet peas
1/2 of the chopped jalaeño
1/2 of the tomatoes
1/2 of the gooseberrie
1/2 of the garlic
1/4 cup of water

Mixed chopped with the blended and your done!


Garden Design Time

This is the first year that I am not working for someone else in the landscaping world, my nerves are on fire. I can't seem to comprehend not working non-stop, I am pacing in my house and want to just plant plants. I have a few clients that I am designing for and here is a sneak peak of the plants I am recommending. 10 people signed up for one of my floralbar.com classes for the 9th of April, things are catching on!


Funyun Crusted Salmon - High_End Munchies :)

Funyuns have a fun rep, people either love them or hate them. They are kinda perfect when you want that salty fake as all get out onion flavor. In Spanish, they are called Cebolitos! Why not make a recipe for those people that like some recreational green? Ha, love making the craziest things taste good.

5 Funyuns crushed up
fillet of salmon

4 tablespoons of spicy green salsa verde
1 teaspoon of butter
1/4 cup of apple juice

2 Funyuns for garnish

Bread salmon fillet with Funyuns. Sautee butter, salsa and apple juice as a sauce, cook down to thicker sauce about 2 mins. Add salmon, flip in 3 mins, and sautee for another 1 min. 



As it nears spring, and my winter endeavors are kicking off, I thought why not try my hand at something new. I tried Illustrator for the first time and though I may not have won the contest, I won some new skills! I thought I would share with you the little shoe that I made. Step on step forward and try new things.

I think this little shoe is pretty cute! 

Hoping my step forward will inspire you to do the same.


Floral Bar Workshop
@The Charleston 
2076 N Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

You can sign up HERE!


MAY DAY a.k.a. MAY 1ST

Spring is here and as always Chicago is wet! Since my job depends on dry weather conditions, I have had some wonderful days off! These days have consisted of some spring cleaning, running, and reading some old books. While reading I stumbled on an older spring tradition from the book, The Best of Martha Stewart: Good Things, from 1997. I found it really interesting and thought I could show you a current example which could be easily recreated and/or substituted using paper or recycled basket.

So the old May Day tradition is to SURPRISE a loved one with a floral basket hung from his or her doorknob. The only thing you would have to do with this birch bark cone is punch holes on the sides and add ribbon!

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